17.09.16 Kosice

What can I expect from ZOMBIE RUN?

ZOMBIE RUN® is a 5km long obstacle course in which you can either participate as a runner or a zombie.
All zombies receive a free professional makeup on site to make you look as creepy as possible. As a runner you get a belt with 3 flags. Your job is then to overcome the obstacles on the track and run away from the zombies, who will try to snatch the flags. The goal is to keep as many flags as you can, possibly all of them.
After crossing the finish line, you get a medal (either a Survivor or Infected medal) and you can enjoy eating with your friends, celebrate and watch the other participants.

Up to 7500 participants can enter as a runner or a zombie and experience the most fright arousing fun of the year on the track in Kosice.

Thousands of runners already ran for their lives. New obstacles and zombie zones are waiting for runners and zombies this summer!

The participants can register as a runner or zombie. The runners face hordes of hungry undead that lurk on the 5km long obstacle course in order to infect them. It’s valid to keep at least one of the three colored flags across the finish line to “survive”. More than fifteen obstacles and zombie zones have to be overcome.

There will be two kinds of medals: If the participants cross the finish line without their flags, they will receive an “Infected” medal. If the participants cross the finish line with at least one flag, they receive a “Survivor” medal.

All zombies receive a professional makeup to duly spread fear and terror.

Alone or with a team, undead or runner – with ZOMBIE RUN® everyone experiences an unforgettable adrenaline rush.


 More than 15 obstacles
 New obstacles in 2016
 Own medals for runners and zombies
 Redesigned zombie models on the track
 More zombie zones
 Eah runner gets a belt with 3 lives
 Survive the apocalypse with your group



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